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I hope this information provides you with the knowledge to get your Elite front loader up and running again. There are 3 bearings in the Elite kit to cover all the Elite bearing requirements just pick the 2 bearing sizes that your machine needs.

Note: I would recommend taking machine part before opening bearing and seal kit so if your machine has other issues such as a damaged support bracket/shaft on rear of inner basket you can send the kit back by writing ‘RTS’ on the unopened package and throwing it in the mail. I will give you a refund minus the shipping charge.

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Here is a HE3/Duet PDF service manual you can download here.

Here is the belt installation trick video I created for you http://www.wealthbyjeffhartman.com/washer-belt-install-trick-how-to-replace-washer-belt

Important! Do not use a wire wheel on the metal seal cup thingy (on shaft) … If anything… polish it up. However, you can wire wheel the shaft to clean it up but not the bearing sealing surface (metal cup on shaft).

Add a small amount of grease (lithium, molykote or equivalent) to the seal where the shaft goes through.

See my blog post about this seal at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g7kTge0SQwkit

If tapping in bearings, make sure you do not tap, or put any pressure on the inner race of bearings or it will bruise them. If they are bruised they will start to make noise soon.  If you use the old bearings to tap them in with hammer the worn inner race will push on the new bearing's inner race and could bruise it as well. See http://www.vsm.skf.com/~/media/Files/enUS/Automotive/457640_58_64.ashx

Here is a helpful Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4AeUy1V6Vg

Are you getting the F35 and SUD errors? See my www.F35Error.com

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If you ordered replacement parts, they will be sent to you via the method you selected. In the meantime, you can look over the attached information to get an idea of what to do.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or call my phone number listed in the exclusive report.

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Jeff Hartman


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