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1.  Does your Kenmore Elite front loader sound like a jetliner taking off when it is in high speed spin cycle? 

2.  Is your Elite getting so loud that you cannot be in the same room while it is spinning your clothes?
It sounds like your bearings may need some attention if you answered YES to the questions above... you are at the right place!

I have put together a Elite bearing and seal kit for you so you can get many more years out of your washer and save lots of cash!

If you call a service guy they will quote you around $500 - $700 to fix your bearing problem if they require replacing your outer tub, which includes the new bearings. Let me ask you... Your expensive outer tub is fine... Why replace it? Just replace the bearings and seal instead!

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Worn Elite bearings
Hear the Elite Bearing Song!
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Kenmore Elite HE3, HE3T,HE4, HE4T, HE5 and 
 HE5T Bearing and Seal Kit                         —>
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